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Pink Isn’T Just A Colour, It’S An Attitude !

I will win, not Immediately but Definitely.

I’M Good Person With Bad Attitude.

Always Try to Do Best in Your Life..

Life is not Fair, but it is still Good.

Silent People have the Loudest Minds.

If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build a Door.

Speaking is easier than doing in real.

Forget the failures and work hard for success

Don’t go for less. Always go for the best.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Be unique.

Don’t Wait for the Path. Find it & Go.

Work until You will Complete your Milestone.

Doubt Kills more Dreams than Failure ever will.

Born to Express not to Impress.

Always Choose Correct Path for Sucess.

If your are not like something, then change it.

Tomorrow is always fresh, Don’t do mistakes in it.

Don’t wait for the Love. Feel it & Enjoy.

If you can’t convince them, Confuse them.

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Behind every successful man is a surprised woman.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being.

Best way to make your dreams come true is to work hard.

Behind every Successful man is a Surprised Woman.

Don’t ask God to make your Problem Easier. Try Yourself.

Call me later because Life is not short as you think

Do Not Give up, The Beginning is Always The Hardest.l

Friends come and go, but Enemies Remain and Build up.

Virginity is not dignity, It is just lack of opportunity.

my attitude depends upon the people in front of me.

If you don’t succeed at first, hide all evidence that you tried.

In my House I’m the boss, My Wife is just the Decision Maker.

Too much Sadness in life so maybe search for Happiness.

I Love to Walk in fog, because nobody knows I’m Smoking.

Phones are better than Girlfriends, at Least we can Switch Off.

Thanks Friends For Wishing A Happy Birthday to Me..

Happy Birthday… I hope its Filled with Love, Laughs and Family..

The Only Way to do Great Work is to Love What you do.

I Know I’M Awesome. So I Don’T Care About Your Opinion.

Attitude Is Like A Price Tag, It Shows How Valuable You Are.

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Your lips seems dry so would they like to attract mine.

My haters make me famous and that’s why I love them.

Nothing stays forever on earth but God does.

Maybe Motivate only when you find a weakness.

Pain gives you a real lesson probably when heart breaks.

Once you fade away as a result then you can’t come back.

80% Of The Boy Have Girl Friends..Rest 20% Are Having Brain.

I’M The Master Of My Own Thoughts, My Mind Will Obey Only Me.

How is a poor man a lot like a rich man? They both have an iPhone.

You don’t have to Win. Every Argument Right or Wrong!

If you don’t Make Mistakes in Life, You are not Really Trying…

Fake friend believe in rumors however the real ones believe in you.

If you want your Life to be Meaningful go out and do Something About it.

Motivation is what Gets you Started. Habit is what Keeps you Going.

If You don’t Go After what you want, You will Never Have It.

Looser..Is The One Who Creates A Winner So..I Don’T Mind Loosing.

Life is like Riding a Bicycle to keep your Balance, you must keep Moving.

Don’t kiss behind the garden, Love is blind but the neighbours are not.

“Everything is okay in the end ‘like a movie’, if it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.”

Never Sacrifice Three Things : Your Family, Your Heart Or Your Your Dignity.

You Have To Fight Some Of Bady Days To Earn Some Of Best Days Of Your Life.

Girls Love is like rain which doesn’t goes up once it falls on the Ground.

Whether you Think you can, or Think you can’t you’re Always Right.

The Secret of Success is to know Something Nobody else Knows.

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Everyone has a will to win but Very Few have the will to Prepare to win.

Life is way Important than you think therefore you must not left things for Tomorrow.

You Never Know That Is To Come Your Way….Never Stop Working Hard And Dreaming Big.

Trying To Forget Someone You Love Is Like Trying To Remember Someone You Never Meet.

Girls Express Their Feelings Via Tears. Boys Express Their Feelings Via Beers.

If You’Re Sick Of Being At The Bottom, Keep Fighting Until You Get To The Top.

I Was Alone While Taking Decision. I’Ll Ave To Walk Alone To Reach Destination.

You will not Get Better Tomorrow, If you are Thinking About the Yesterday…

The Future Belongs to those People, Who Believe in the Beauty of their Dreams.!

Thank U to all the people who greeted me on my birthday yesterday and today..

It’S Not Where You Started In Life, It’S Where You End Up. Believe In Yourself.

Your Body Can Stand Almost Anything. It’S Your Mind That You Have To Convince.

Nothing Is More Beautiful Than A Real Smile That Has Struggled Through Tears.

I Already Know What Giving Up Feels Like. I Want To See What Happens If I Didn’T.

It’S Not About How Bad You Want It. It’S About How Hard You’Re Willing Work For It.

I Thanks The God who can Give Me Brother Like You… Happy Birthday Brother…

If You Don’T Like Something, Change It. If You Can’T Change It, Change Your Attitude.

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I’M Not The Kind Of Person Who Tries To Be Cool Or Trendy, I’M Definitely An Individual.

You Celebrate Your Birth day I’m also Coming & we Enjoy Together. Happy birth day to you.

SUCCESS Belongs Only to Those who are Willing to Work harder than anyone else.

Don’T Judge My Past, Look At My Present, I Am Sure My Future Is Really Rocking.

Thank u For My Birthday Messages. It’s Definitely been a Birthday to Remember.

Even If You’Re On The Right Track, You’Ll Get Run Over If You Just Sit There.

Don’T Afraid Of Being Different, Be Afraid Of Being The Same As Everyone Else.

May Be Home Is Nothing But Two Arms Holding You Tight When You’Re At Your Worst.

There Is Nothing Wrong With The Way You Look. You Need To Change The Way You See.

The Greatest Advantage of Epeaking the Truth is That You Don’t Have to Remember What You Said.

You’re already a Successful Personal. The things we take for Granted someone else is Praying for.

Treat Me Like A Queen And I’Ll Treat You Like My King. Treat Me Like A Game. And I’Ll Show You How It’S Played.

Don’t Be So Happy, I don’t Really Forgive People, I Just Pretend like it’s Okay and Wait For my Turn to Destroy Them.

Coins Always Make Sound But The Currency Notes Are Always Silent! That’S Why I’M Always Calm & Silent.

Don’T Confuse My Personality And My Attitude Because My Personality Is Me And My Attitude Depends On You.

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